Botox Injections

  Women Himtox
1 Area £250 £290
2 Areas £300 £340
3 Areas £340 £380
The three 'popular areas' are forehead, frown lines and crows feet (sides of eyes), which may be treated separately or together    

Specialist Botox Areas

Eyebrow shape (to increase the natural arch) £60
Bunny lines accross the nose £85
Vertical lip lines £70
Smile lift (for when the mouth corners turn down) £60
Jowel lift to tighten the jaw line £275
Neck bands (for the ageing neck) £280
Under-arm (for excessive sweating) £450

Dermal Fillers

1/2 ml. Restylane £225
1 ml. Restylane £300
1 ml Restylane Perlane for deep lines £350
Subsequent syringes £250
Cheek enhancement Price on consultation
Lip enhancement from £250

Medical Strength Peels

We provide a range of peels which will suit all skin types and the client's lifestyle from £80

Genuine Dermaroller Therapy

1 Treatment £300
Course of 3 treatments £800

Skincare Products

Products priced individually  


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